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A new balance for family life. 

The New Haven is a new kind of school that offers part or full time care for infants and toddlers with a coworking space for parents down the hall.

With a New Haven membership, you can simplify your time and find balance in your work and family life.

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Choose your start date and discover your new balance

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Stop feeling strained between work and children.

You don't be far away from your child who is “ready for more” or your nursling whom you wish to feed.

Shouldn't there be a way to let your child grow while staying close?

A new, new normal.

This is childcare for the modern family. A new, new normal that supports family life and remote work. The simple proximity of a childcare center within the same building as a coworking office creates the simplicity we need. One place to drive for work & play.


Peace and balance at last. With the time and place to fully focus on your work, you can set it aside when you’re done. 

You can leave work at work, and find peace at home.

The working parents' solution to work-life balance.

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Part or full time childcare for infants and toddlers

Personal desks, coworking office or communal spaces for parents

Convenient and beautiful Liberty Station location

A local community of families

Inquire about our availability and tell us which of these options you’re looking for:


We know how it feels to struggle while working from home with young children all while wanting what’s best for them.

The New Haven is a community of parents who want a balance between it all. We are working alongside each other in this parenting journey, breaking bread together at the same table, while our children also become friends. 

“I loved the fact that I would be right next door to my new baby once my maternity leave ended. The New Haven not only allowed me to get out of the house and socialize with other working parents, I was able to be near my baby too. We would all eat lunches together and it was the perfect break in the work day. The environment was warm, loving, and caring.”

~ Alicia Brandon

Come and see for yourself what this new haven could be for your family

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