The Children's Haven

We have taken principles from three renowned methods of early child education and blended them. Here’s a brief introduction to what we’ve taken from each and why. With all this rich history to learn from we hope to create a beautiful environment and enriching experiences that bring peace, joy and confidence to your child.


The Montessori method emphasizes respect, freedom and independence within a structured environment which is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to support exploration and hands-on learning. 

  • Prepared environment - We prepare the room for the child by having tools and materials they need to succeed and increase their confidence. This means adapting the space for their size, small chairs, activities visible at their height. We prepare the space so it is simple and beautiful, avoiding jarring colors and unnaturally noisy toys. 

  • Observation & attentiveness to each child - Knowing what to offer the children to engage them next requires close observation of what they enjoy, what they’re trying to master and what they may need direction in.

  • Independence & Responsibility - We want to encourage children to make discoveries with their own hands, rather than telling the child what they should discover. We respect children’s abilities by applying the motto “Help me to help myself.” 

  • Respect - We honor the classroom as the children’s space, made for them and a home away from home. We demonstrate and practice respect of others by creating visual boundaries with mats & encouraging children to choose from what's available.

Reggio Emelia

The child's environment is also their teacher. By creating space available to them with materials they can use, they can learn from interacting with their environment. That being said the aesthetics of the children's space matters immensely as it will set a tone for their day and color their imagination. 

  • We choose organic natural materials for toys and activities

  • We encourage communication and environmental learning through art

Used Books

Classical Liberal Arts

This primarily influences the books we choose. Language is being developed even in infant stages so it’s important that what they hear when read to, is beautiful and good language. Therefore we choose books to read that include a narrative progression and when possible, a rhyme scheme or poetic verse. The content does not need to directly teach a lesson, but can capture something true of reality that is beautiful. It can be silly and fun with language that has a beat or tone that engages children. 

  • We look for books that include visually beautiful illustrations without over-stimulating coloration or movement. 

  • We also hope to provide material and imagery that can fill a child’s imagination and fuel creativity so we do not include books made from movies or other tv shows if they preceded the book.