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The Children's Haven

Our Educational Model

We have taken principles from three renowned methods of early child education and blended them. Here’s a brief introduction to what we’ve taken from each and why. With all this rich history to learn from we hope to create a beautiful environment and enriching experiences that bring peace, joy and confidence to your child.

Children's curriculum

Montessori Inspired

The Montessori method emphasizes respect, freedom and independence within a structured environment which is thoughtfully and intentionally designed to support exploration and hands-on learning. We incorporate a variety of shelf materials and activities involving music and movement, art, and practical life into our daily rhythm at The New Havens. 

  • Prepared environment - We prepare the room for the child by having tools and materials they need to succeed and increase their confidence. This means adapting the space for their size, small chairs, activities visible at their height. We prepare the space so it is simple and beautiful, avoiding jarring colors and unnaturally noisy toys. 

  • Observation & attentiveness to each child - Knowing what to offer the children to engage them next requires close observation of what they enjoy, what they’re trying to master and what they may need direction in.

  • Independance & Responsibility - We want to encourage children to make discoveries with their own hands, rather than telling the child what they should discover. We respect children’s abilities by applying the motto “Help me to help myself.” 

  • Respect - We honor the classroom as the children’s space, made for them and a home away from home. We demonstrate and teach respect of others by showing that each child has their own work and the other children will not take it from them until they are finished; and in turn neither will they.

2024-25 School Year Tuition Rates

PLEASE NOTE: While our program is guided by California Community Care Licensing guidelines and standards, we are currently a licensed-exempt facility and therefore require parents to remain onsite in the Coworking space while children are in our care.

Childcare Options for this 2024-2025 School Year

We operate our classrooms and enrollments based on academic school year from Sept - June. We host a re-enrollment option period for current families in the spring and then open to others once we know our  availability. We offer summer camp sessions to families planning to return that fall. Mid-year enrollments can be considered depending upon availability. Submit an application to begin the inquiry for availability.

Weekly Schedule options for all age groups:

  • Full time schedule is M-F from 9:00 am - 3:15pm

  • Part time schedule is M-W 9:00am - 3:15pm

  • We also offer extended afternoon care until 5pm for both options for an additional fee.

  • School Year Calendar 2024-2025

Tuition Rates for 2024-25 School Year

​Annual rates represent tuition for the published school year. You can view the complete Tuition rates pdf with installment schedule here.

Infants 6 - 18 mo

Full time $2,150
Part Time  $1,900

T & Th 9am-5pm     $1,046 

M,W,F  9am-5pm      $1,366

M-F     9am - 5pm    $2,150


Toddlers - 18 - 36 mo

Full time $1,785

Part time $1530

T & Th 9am-5pm     $1,046 

M,W,F  9am-5pm      $1,366

M-F     9am - 5pm    $2,150


Preschool 2.5 - 4 yrs

Full time $1,645
Part time  $1,258

T & Th 9am-5pm     $1,046 

M,W,F  9am-5pm      $1,366

M-F     9am - 5pm    $2,150

Enrollment Details

The Enrollment fee for each student is $450. This fee is to secure your child’s place in the program and indicates your commitment. It is not applicable to any future month’s tuition installment. The fee is due at the time a spot is offered to your family in order to secure placement. This fee will go toward materials for the school year. There will be no additional fees for the school year beyond this one.

Any mid-year requests to withdraw from the school will be considered on a case by case basis, otherwise we require a commitment to fulfill all tuition installments.

Military Discount: 5%

Discount on second child's tuition: 5%, then 10% off a third child's tuition

NOTE: Once you have made your childcare selection above, proceed to choosing your co-working option from this page here, making sure you plan to remain on site during the time your child is in our care.

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